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We really do want to find and share all we can about what conditions are present in your home or business.


We Notice the Little Things


We do our best to find issues that may not be apparent to the casual observer. Using our prior 35 years of experience in finding, and remediation of, damage caused by  defects to better inform our clients about the condition of a property. 

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction


It is very difficult to find every issue a structure my have hidden within itself. That said, we use all the access and tools we have to describe a properties condition to best assist our clients gain as much knowledge as we can impart.

Our Services

Water Intrusion Mold Inspections


We have the experience, resources, tools, and training to locate  water intrusion and the presence of mold and other microbial growth in a home.  We would be happy to discuss the many options available to address your concerns.

Home Inspections


What ever your inspection needs we either have a solution or will assist you in finding one that  meets your specific needs.

Radon Inspections


We offer our own home inspector mold testing and radon testing services, that can be conducted during your home inspection, with independent lab results or we can refer you to a hygienist for completely independent testing and lab results. 

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